The Role of Greenhouses in Australian Winter

Published: April 15, 2024 by Kim Elverding | Updated: May 1, 2024

The hot summer months seem finally behind us, and it is time to look forward to the winter. As the chilly season approaches, growers face the challenge of maintaining crop productivity during changing weather conditions. Greenhouses allow you to control your growing conditions all year round. This article will explore the benefits of protected cropping during the winter months.

Extend the Growing Season

Although Australian winters are considered mild, some areas get frosty. Areas such as the Snowy Mountains and around Stanthorpe (QLD) experience significant temperature changes throughout the seasons.
A key benefit of using protective structures during winter is the ability to extend the growing season. With the aid of protective structures, growers can start planting earlier in spring and prolong harvesting well into fall. This extension facilitates a longer period of productivity, particularly benefiting crops sensitive to cold temperatures, such as tomatoes or peppers.

Boost Crop Yields

Structures such as polytunnels/greenhouses create an optimal growing environment for healthier plants and boost crop yields. These structures shield crops from weather conditions by providing a controlled climate, enabling them to thrive and produce abundant yields. Protection from pests, wildlife and diseases also contributes to enhanced productivity, ensuring a fruitful harvest.

Cost Savings and Environmental Sustainability

By protecting the crops from external factors, growers can reduce the need for expensive inputs like seeds and fertiliser. The controlled environment also minimises the need for expensive pest and disease control, resulting in financial savings.
Additionally, these structures are designed to maximise energy efficiency, reduce energy and water consumption, and mitigate environmental impact.

Get Ahead for Next Season

Greenhouses also pave the way for an early start to the next growing season. The greenhouses’ protection ensures that crops can be planted and nurtured ahead of schedule, giving farmers a head start over competitors relying solely on outdoor cultivation. This advantage allows for earlier harvests and provides greater flexibility in crop selection and rotation, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and profitability.

By embracing horticultural structures and implementing best practices, growers can extend their growing season, optimise crop yields, and ensure a steady supply of fresh produce even in the chilliest months. Unlock the potential of protected cropping and elevate your productivity this winter with an EnviroTec structure.

Don’t let the cold weather limit your yields – reach out now and thrive all winter long!
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