Grow Your Nursery with Government Grants!

As you know, the price of running a successful wholesale nursery is costly. But did you know that you may be eligible for government grants to help you fund new structures and expansion?

At EnviroTec, we understand the challenges you face. That's why we want to help you know how you can use grants to help you grow your business.

These Government grants are available to help businesses like yours succeed. They are designed to help you fund new structures, expansion, and other necessary upgrades.

Depending on the size of your project and the amount of funding required, you may qualify for assistance.

You'll need to research the requirements and eligibility criteria for the application according to your circumstances. This includes understanding the application process, the required documents, and the timeline for submitting your application.

Government grants can be a great way to get the funding you need for growing your nursery.

Here at EnviroTec, we specialize in creating horticultural structures that will give you a growing advantage. Our tunnelhouses and shadehouses are designed to create better growing environments.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you take advantage of this government grant opportunity and create the perfect structures for your nursery's expansion. We are confident that our horticultural structures will be the ideal solution for your needs - we look forward to working with you.

Terry Parsons
General Manager