Climate/Ceiling Screens

Our functional climate screens control humidity, temperature and UV radiation according to your requirements, creating optimal conditions for better and greater production in your growing area.

These ceiling screens have a highly reflective quality and an open structure ideal for ventilation. However, unlike natural cloud cover, it can be put to use whenever it’s needed. This makes it ideal for shading in our hot Australian climate or to manage more sensitive plants.

Reasons to choose EnviroTec screens:

  • The ultimate shading, thanks to its open structure for maximum ventilation.
  • Effective cooling for greenhouses with roof ventilation
  • Without gapping for ventilation, the shading – and crop – are more even
  • It can be used at night to reduce radiation losses that otherwise cause condensation on plants.
  • Maximise light diffusion

Here at EnviroTec, we have over 35 years experience creating better growing environments. We have a complete range of climate and ceiling screens available to suit the needs of your growing areas - contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Vertical Wall Poly Tunnelhouse Hothouse

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