Protectagrow Vertical Wall Tunnelhouses

EnviroTec  supplies a range of vertical wall tunnelhouses that will enable you to increase your production by creating a better growing environment. With a range of standard sizes available from 6 to 12 metres wide and as long as your application requires, we are also able to create a custom solution for your application.

Vertical Wall Poly Tunnelhouse Hothouse

As a supplier and builder of these commercial grade vertical wall tunnelhouses for over 35 years, we know that quality must come first. High quality, durable materials are used throughout; our ProtectagrowTM tunnelhouses are constructed with galvanised pipe and covered with premium commercial grade Growrite Shadecloth, Solarweave or Kritis Hothouse Film.

Our tunnelhouses can be fitted out with many options for convenience such as those listed below:

  • DOORS – Your choice of zip door or metal framed swing or sliding door
  • VENTS – Either zip, Velcro or plastic/shadecloth-covered metal frame which can be 'pulley' operated. These enable you to control temperature and humidity.
  • GUTTERS – a handy option which can enable you to harness and store rainwater
  • ROLL-UP SIDES(winch operated) in the case of a plastic roof with shadecloth sides
  • INTERNAL PARTITIONS – this option allows you to separate or isolate various sections of your tunnelhouse.
  • CLOTH or PLASTIC COVER – Growrite Shadecloth, Solarweave or Hothouse Film (Shade ratings available on shadecloth are Extra Heavy (approx. 90% shade), Heavy (approx. 80%), Medium (approx. 70%), Light (approx. 50%) and Extra Light (approx. 30%).

For your convenience, you can either have your tunnelhouse delivered in kit form with easy-to-understand assembly instructions or fully assembled by our experienced construction team members.

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