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Hail Guard & Anti-Bird Netting

Hail Guard & Anti-Bird Netting As a seasoned horticulturist, you understand the severe damage that hail and pests like birds and bats can inflict on your crops. EnviroTec offers a range of protective covers designed to safeguard your crops from these threats, thereby enhancing your yields.

In short, Hail Guard & Anti-Bird Netting from EnviroTec allow you to:

  • Hail Guard Netting provides protection against hail damage
  • Anti-Bird Net protects from birds, bats and other pests
  • Offers wind protection with an approximate 10-15% shade rating
  • Customisable sizing options to fit your specific application
  • Effectively reduces the risk of damage by pests and weather

Made in Australia, for Australia for over 40 years

Australia’s unpredictable climate and diverse wildlife pose significant challenges to crop protection. EnviroTec’s Hail Guard and Anti-Bird Netting solutions are crafted with over 40 years of expertise to provide robust and reliable protection. Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering in our Yandina warehouse, these structures ensure your crops are shielded from hail, pests, and harsh winds. Our solutions not only safeguard your produce but also contribute to increased yields and a more secure growing environment.

Protect your growing environment with a Hail Guard & Anti-Bird Netting from EnviroTec!