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Picking the right cover for your greenhouse or shadehouse is essential for a successful yield. The amount of shade it creates, air movements it allows and the ability to influence the temperature, humidity and other conditions. Made in Australia, the covers can handle the Australian weather perfectly. Regardless of what your plants need, we’ve got you covered!

Growrite Shadecloth

Our shadecloth covers don’t just create shade. The covers are made for Australian conditions; they keep the sun and animals out and even slightly stop the wind. It is the perfect cover if you are looking for protection from the outside world without closing your structure off completely.  The shadecloth comes in multiple colours and has a shade rating of approximately 30% to 90%. Looking for only a little shade? Check out our hail-guard and anti-bird netting.

You know a Shadecloth Cover is right for you when you want to…

  • Reduce heat for your plants.
  • Protect your plants from the sun.
  • Allow rain to come through.
  • Keep animals and pests out.

Greenhouse Plastic & Film

Are you looking for more control over your growing conditions? With multiple different options you can create the perfect light spectrum and light levels to optimise your crop. Creating uniformity, allows you to create an ideal environment for increased productivity. Solarweave Plastic or Greenhouse Film also offers enhanced durability and UV protection.

You know a Film or Solarweave Cover is right for you when you want to:

  • Optimise Growth
  • Reduce disease and fungal issues
  • Improved crop quality
  • Increased consistency
  • Reduce the requirement for spraying
  • Create tropical growing conditions all year round.

Custom Cover

Australia is such a diverse country that what works in North Queensland in summer may not be the best option during the cold winter months in New South Wales. Combining the Shadecloth and Solarweave Plastic Covers creates the best environment for your specific conditions. For example, Solarweave at the roof to stop the rain and shadecloth on the sides to increase air flow. Or how about an overcover to create extra shade during the hot summer months? Ask us about the options.

Need help?

Choosing the right greenhouse or shadehouse can be a challenge, especially when it is your first structure, or you would like to explore other options to improve your productivity. Let us help you make an informed decision.