Building your own Gullwing Greenhouse – Interview with Bamboo Land

Published: June 5, 2024 by Kim Elverding | Updated: May 29, 2024

No matter the size of the structure, we can deliver them in a kit for you to build yourself. How is it to build a greenhouse yourself? Especially when you’re talking about a Gullwing Greenhouse with five bays and automated roof vents. We asked Janne, owner of Bamboo Land, who is halfway through his most extensive build yet.

Bamboo Land started in 1990 near Hervey Bay (QLD) as a tropical paradise for over 100 species of the world’s finest clumping bamboo varieties. Bamboo is still their bread and butter, but they also diversify by growing tropical plants, a range of gingers, and heliconias.

Why do you need greenhouses to grow tropical plants in Queensland?

“In general, Queensland is a great area to grow tropical plants. But we’re located in southeast Queensland and a bit inland, so although the summers can be very hot, we get the occasional frost here. During those three months of winter, we need structures to keep the plants warm, and for the rest of the nine months, we make sure they don’t get too hot.”

What made you buy a new structure?

“We run out of space again. Every time I buy a new structure, it’s because I need more space, but then I put the plants in it and run out of space again. Luckily, we have enough space and water so we can continue to expand. It’s the ever-going process of running out of space, getting more plants and space and running out of space again.”

Why are you building it yourself instead of having EnviroTec install it?

“I have a background in engineering and carpentry, so for us, it makes the most sense. Most of the structures we have here came in a kit and were built by us.
But financially, it also makes the most sense. We have a team that works with us full-time, and it is a lot quieter during the winter months. So, we usually have a construction project going on to keep everyone busy.
We also have all the materials we need to build the structure, such as scissor lifts, hand tools, power tools, etc. Maybe it makes less sense to buy a kit when everything needs to be rented, especially with a structure this size.”

Tell us about the process; how is it going?

“It’s going. This structure is more challenging than I expected. Initially, there were some hick-ups, but everything was resolved quickly and has been pretty smooth since then.
We have nearly finished the frame and are about to install the automated roof vents.

When we started, I had in mind having the plants in the greenhouse before winter. David (EnviroTec Construction Manager) already warned me that it may take longer, and he was right.

But we are seeing progress, and it is very rewarding to take a step back and see what you have built with the team. It really is something to be proud of.”

How important is it to have experience with constructing greenhouses?

“It definitely makes it easier, but most growers I know are quite handy, so I think they can do this. And it’s not like you have to figure it out yourself; you get the instructions, drawings, and support from the EnviroTec team. Brian (EnviroTec Production Manager) is very accessible, making it easy to contact him and discuss something. I have been on the phone with Brian multiple times a week during this project. It makes it all easier and doable.”

What are your expectations of the structure?

“EnviroTec and I go way back. Bamboo Land and EnviroTec have been working together for about 25 years. And the structures last at least that long. There might be a cover change here and there, but that structure itself still stands. And we expect nothing less from this structure. It’s been a joy to watch EnviroTec grow as we grow.”

When the construction of the Gullwing Greenhouse is completed, we will check in with Janne again to discuss how he experienced the whole process of building the structure. Are you also interested in the greenhouse kits from EnviroTec? Contact us today for personalised advice and a free quote.